CELEBRITY: Interview With Gabriel Panduro, Avril Lavigne’s Makeup Artist



Gabriel Panduro celebrity makeup artist to Avril Lavigne


1. What initially drew you to cosmetology? How old were you? 

I think around the age of 17! I was going out so much to nightclubs in Hollywood and met so many colorful people. (Clubkids, Drag Queens, Fashion Designers, etc) I know I wanted to do something creative and that’s how the whole thing came about. Also, my obsession with classic Hollywood screen actresses, Deitrich, Monroe, and Garbo. I always dreamed of hanging out with them in the dressing room so I figured the only way in was with hair and make-up.

2. How did you become Avril’s makeup artist? How did you guys meet?

We met at a salon I work at. Avril would come in to get her hair done! Then when she started putting together “The Best Damn Tour”, I was recommended by a mutual friend. That is when Avril found out I had toured with other artists, and our touring relationship started.

3. What products do you use most on Avril? Do you use different products for different types of settings, such as a photo-shoot vs. red carpet event vs. music video?

Even this artist has his secrets!!! 

4. How much input does Avril give for her makeup? Does she just tell you what she wants and you make it happen; does she just trust you and let you do whatever you think is best; or somewhere in between? 

Avril knows what she wants, but we have days when she says “Do whatever you want”. Of course, that’s when we have fun with color, glitter, lip glosses, etc. I am careful not to get make-up “happy”, because when you try to add too much make-up, it changes her features. She is so naturally beautiful, that too much make-up can look overdone!!! She’s very hands on, and she quick to take the make-up brush out of my hand.

5. What does beauty mean to you, and how much can it be influenced by makeup? 

Confidences & Vulnerability! It is known that Cleopatra was a very smart woman, and seduced with her smokey eyes, which made her even more beautiful. Then I think about Marilyn Monroe who was extremely
Vulnerable and used her sexuality to entice us. To me, beauty comes from within and can’t be defined! Beauty is only skin deep, and all the make-up in the world won’t make you beautiful.

6. What is one of your favorite looks from Avril? 

The most recent look would be my fave! Soft smokey eye, soft liner, and bed head hair. So beautiful! Out of the fashion shoots, I would have to pick the Doll Shoot with Mark Liddell in Prestige magazine. That cover was FLAWLESS!

7. Where do you draw inspiration from when creating a makeup look? 

Depends on what a I am working on! I love classic Hollywood films! I have tons of Photography books, and a lot of Animal Kingdom books (You would be surprised by the amount of inspiration you get when you look closely at a book of the Feline when creating a cat eye.)

8. On a day off, what could we find you doing in your downtime? 

A typical day off would be SLEEPING IN, lunch with friends, SHOPPING, nights out on the town, or game night with friends (wine and Pictionary). I go to the gym on work days, and I read on planes so forbid myself from reading during free time! 

9. What kind of music do you like? What are your favorite songs from Avril? 

Favorite Avril songs are Innocence & Nobody’s Home! Artists I have on my iPod are Madonna, Grace Jones, Radiohead, Sinead O’Coonor, Bjork, Chet Baker, Sex Pistols, The Smiths, Jay Z, Notorious BIG, Lil Kim, and
ELVIS to name a few!

10. From the looks of WTH.TV, you and Avril seem to be great friends! What quality do you like about Avril the most?

I would have to say how she’s down to earth. She really is!

11.What is the best part about your job? 

I get to meet some of the most exciting people and travel around the world! Oh, and I try to visit as many museums as I can. I’m such an art freak!


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